05/05/2024 giving up

I’m too far behind on photos to put on blog so I’m wiping the slate clean. (I will catch up on the spreadsheet though haha.) you can see how much is happening even today!

Penstemon grandiflorus is thriving in the sandy soil of the rock garden!
Prairie larkspur from Zach is doing well! Something snipped the flower stalk on the other nearby plant.
Two of last spring’s three rattlesnake masters survived.
One of the twoleaf senna plants is about to bloom! The other is still sprouting, but I also saw a sleepy orange butterfly laying eggs on the other one. The yellow flowers here are sundrop primroses.
This milkweed seems less leafy than the whorled milkweed so I’m hoping it may be one of the two viridiflora from last year that died back in heat!
The mealy blue sage is doing well.
Here is one of two annual blue flax blooming this morning!
Liatris pychnostachia planted last fall is getting lush!
We bought a showy milkweed a few weeks ago and planted it next to a whorled milkweed. Both live and grow!
The common milkweed from Abby that got ate by the milkweed beetles is trying to come back up!!
Three late figworts sprouted and I put them out in the prairie yesterday before more rain overnight (quarter inch or so). We appear to be on the western edge of its range so we’ll see if it likes it here.
Echinacea purpurea is up!
I have had stratified and scarified Matalea biflora out since last spring and maaaaybe this is one up??
The seedling sensitive briars are growing fast!

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  1. Really hope your sensitive briar does well🤞🏼🤞🏼 and yep so much is happening…hard to keep up. 😀

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