05/04/2024 great restraint

We went up to Native Plant Nursery of Oklahoma City today to help the Chef’s mom add some drought tolerant native plants to her garden. We got her six plants but we stuck to our personal list and thus got only one! We feel positively responsible.

The people staffing the nursery were helpful and knowledgeable and willing to brainstorm ideas with us. (Especially helpful since the Chef’s mom lives a bit away where some different species can grow.)

After just recently hearing about Bug Snugs as a way to keep sticks and stems for winter bees and insects, we sighted this one right at the nursery entrance! There seems to be lots of possibilities to stack habitat decoratively. Maybe also a good option if you have a smaller yard and a full brush pile would limit planting space.
We had never seen this beauty before. It’s a purple meadow rue! (Apparently the stems are purple.) they have it planted in compost and don’t water it much. It gets partial sun. We may have to consider one of these for our yard.
Our chosen plant – Baptisia sphaerocarpa, the yellow wild indigo. We put it in the rainbow garden (guess which color) and put an aluminum can around it. This has been Paula’s excellent innovation as my little piles of spiky sweetgum balls didn’t keep the yellowpuff from getting all but one pair of leaves eaten. We did can protectors for the yellowpuff and the rock garden scarlet pea last night. I am happy to have them get nibbled on once they’re established but we’re not there yet!!

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  1. I figured out how to keep a big snug from blowing away. Drive a steel fence post then build snug around it. Think i will try one maybe in the fall. Love the idea

  2. Good luck with the Baptisia! I’m looking forward to seeing photos of its flowering next year.

    1. Thanks! Do you think it will go that fast? I have a three year old australis var minor in the backyard that still hasn’t flowered (and I’m not sure it’s even up this year)

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