03/11/2024 annual violet success

Johnny-jump-ups, the annual wild violets, really love the area around and in our raised veggie beds. They were in the lawn before we started doing stuff, but I think the reduced competition in the weeded soil lets them thrive.

I’ve discovered I can transplant them before they flower and have been strategically redistributing them in the ground cover around the beds. It’s working!!

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12/23/2023 basketflower

05/11/2023 advances

I enjoy how tiny the baby Astragalus leaves are. This is one of two. The other is in the front yard.
Sedum nutallii from Jeanne is thriving and considering blooming!
This mystery seedling is in a container where I planted silverleaf nightshade. We shall see.
One of the rescued Pyrrhopappus tuberosus is blooming!
Assorted seedlings from this county. All mixed together so we’ll see what comes up!