Recent food and beverage

Some tepary beans mixed in those refried beans! The hot sauce is Chimayó pepper mostly. 01/25/2024.
Homemade pasta with homemade pesto. 01/24/2024.
I finally roasted the yaupon holly leaves instead of just having it dehydrated. It’s actually a nice tea now! I did 300 F for somewhere over 1.5 hrs on a cookie sheet. 01/22/2024.

01/20/2024 wren feeder

A wren silhouette is visible on the wire suet cage dangling from the bird feeder above scattered fallen oak leaves with a brush pile in the background. It is clear and bright and sunny.
The Carolina Wren pair has discovered the suet I put out a few days ago! (For fellow Normanites, Ellisons feed sells suet cakes with no weird ingredients for $3.25, very reasonable!)
Update: one of the various flavors of suet available at Ellisons. The brand appears to be Heath Outdoor Products.

12/21/2023 flan

A perfect round egg-colored flan with an apple-tinted syrup in a white bowl with black stripe around the edge
Paula brought back eggs from her family’s chickens (very free range!) and the Chef decided to make flan. I’ve never had it before. I’m scheduling this to post after we visit home so Judy doesn’t guess we’re bringing her some of these eggs, haha!
A spoon slice of flan scooped away so you can see the silky interior
It was delicious! He topped it with a sauce made from the crabapple syrup (the less-jellied jars of jelly).

12/15/2023 pesto tortellini salad

A bright lime green enameled cast iron Dutch oven filled with pesto tortellini salad. It’s on a speckled counter with other kitchen things (stand mixer, empty mug) behind it. The Dutch oven looks well loved.
Garden pesto. The Chef and Paula spent three hours last night hand rolling, filling, and folding the tortellini. Pesto with garden basil is on the outside. The whole pot was gone by the end of the potluck.