05/04/2024 great restraint

We went up to Native Plant Nursery of Oklahoma City today to help the Chef’s mom add some drought tolerant native plants to her garden. We got her six plants but we stuck to our personal list and thus got only one! We feel positively responsible.

The people staffing the nursery were helpful and knowledgeable and willing to brainstorm ideas with us. (Especially helpful since the Chef’s mom lives a bit away where some different species can grow.)

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02/10/2024 rain forecast tomorrow

That means plant moving time! (Because if it rains then I don’t have to water them.). This is one of two C. altissimum Thistles that have survived (a third seedling is up too we noticed). I’m not sure if the cold was too much in a pot, or it’s been too wet. All the undulatum seem to have died and a big chunk of texanum did too, because of those two holding too much water in pot trays. The texanum in the ground seem fine.

01/16/2024 sneaky

The plant window is backlit brightly. You can see houseplants fully visible on the top shelf and the shapes of decorations and pots on the second shelf. On the bottom cat level, Shackleton’s face is in profile as he faces east to the morning sun.
I think Shackleton thinks he is hidden as usual in the plant window. He seemed very surprised when I growled his name sternly as he tried to climb to the forbidden next shelf!! I left a thermometer in there and on the cold nights it was in the 40s F. I guess the sun is very tempting and the fleece blanket keeps the metal floor from being cold and wet as frost melts from the glass.

01/14/2024 not very efficient plant window

Single pane glass isn’t great in this extreme weather. Fortunately most of the plants are above the thin metal bottom. in past years this has damaged tomato seedlings when we did them in the window.
Frost is pretty though. Mom fixed the stained glass cardinal for me recently! Thanks Mom!

12/16/2023 Maximilian sunflowers stalks in driveway

Sunflower stalks probably 6-8 feet tall tied up with a white cotton rope to keep them bundled up out of the driveway
In late fall rains, the maxes fell over. This has been pretty annoying when backing cars out of the garage or trying to put stuff in the bins. So I have preliminarily tied them up so the seedheads are still there for birds and the stalks are there for overwintering bees. But less aggravating to walk through. I might put a raffia ribbon on it or something if there are Complaints about it.