03/31/2023 greenhouse veggies exposed to big wind and more

Several Wise County Datura wrightii!
I am pretty sure this seedling is a Salvia, and the only Salvia we seeded in this pot was S. azurea!
Astragalus sprout is up!!
Since it was in the upper 70s today Paula took the greenhouse cover off. The cilantro, mustard, and tatsoi are going wild! The tatsoi is starting to bolt (flower).
Our hopeful scarlet-pea is probably a vetch because of the little tendril. I’ll keep watching it just in case. Thanks for the identification Abby!
We have an active pocket gopher! I love these friends.

03/31/2023 thanks past self!

Past me ordered plants in the winter!
Pets very much liked the box. It had good smells. Here Gram steps right in before I’ve unpacked the crinkle paper.
Good thing there was cardboard protecting the plants too.
Gram moved to sit on the crinkle paper and smells one of two Blackfoot daisies. Briar observes. We put the daisies in the rock garden. I had one in the backyard once when we first moved here but I think it was too wet. The rock garden is the driest hottest spot in the yard.
The other plant we got was an orange Agastache. The damn invasive human-introduced earwig horde has already started eating it, so we are trying petroleum jelly around the base. It has worked for tomatoes before but didn’t work on a different Agastache recently, so we’ll go back out before bed and check again.

03/26/2023 field trip to Lexington WMA

I need to add captions and descriptions to the rest of the pics, but this Spiranthes sp was neat to see coming up!
Briar and Paula in safety hunter orange.
False garlic with tiny moths.
Paula caught a Little Brown Skink!
The skink did not want to stay for a visit.
A prairie verbena!
Armadillo!!! Briar ready, but actual briar vines kept her from following it far.
First Lomatium of the day. Briar helped by putting her nose by it.
Arnoglossum sp! Leaves
Bigger Arnoglossum species leaves!
The lovely valley we walked around. Had some damp spots.
Milkweed! Probably Asclepias verticillata??
Echinacea probably angustifolia? Leaf and last year’s seed head.
Thanks for laying down in the mud puddle, BRIAR.
Nostoc algae and scale lichens!
Paula found this great potter wasp nest!
Eventually found a big patch of Lomatium blooming.
Some Lomatium in light shade.
Some Lomatium almost done blooming.
Some Lomatium out in the sun.
Another prairie verbena.
A puccoon just opening!

03/29/2023 baby yucca????

Paula and I were out planting some seeds and she noticed this baby spike in a tray of yucca seeds that have been out all winter!!
The Baptisia sp seeds before we planted them. I nicked each seed surface then soaked in room temperature water overnight. We put some on either side of the patio plus some in a pot for more controlled monitoring as that seems to help with germination sometimes.
Paula also noticed the persimmon seed at the seedling base. I appear to have planted several.

03/24/2023 Friday mildly mysterious

Mystery plants in rock garden.
Mystery plant in rock garden. In the right place for where I put scarlet pea but maybe too pointy leaves? We shall see.
I think a Houstonia bluet and a baby ponysfoot.
This is in the right place for fuzzy beans.
I suspect this is also a fuzzy bean (Strophostyles sp).

03/25/2023 Saturday observations

Antennaria neglecta (prairie pussytoes) from Missouri Wildflower Nursery is doing well!
The second pussytoes is even putting out long shoots… maybe it will spread by runners??
Three germinating Asclepias viridiflora!!
A Datura wrightii from Wise Co TX that Mom gave me!
False garlic is blooming nicely!
These leaves are in the right place for Helianthus mollis, ashy sunflower, we planted last year as a seedling outside from seeds indoors.

03/23/2023 Thursday babies

Baby Liatris #4!
Baby Liatris #5!
Anemone berlanderi dug from home from last year! About to bloom!
Maybe Salvia azurea?
Bigger view of planter with salvia azurea possibility and some possible False Gaura too.