Despite the cold wet weather, spring marches on

A single columbine seedling that was direct-seeded last fall. I have two others in sprouting trays also.
Lyre leaf sage has been getting going nicely. Siberian wallflower is the orange in the background. The wallflower came in a “wildflower” mix. 🙄

30s next few nights

I put towels, newspapers in pots, glass jars, and plastic jars over the tender plants (peppers, tomatillos, tomatos, ground cherries). The unplanted ones will go in the garage or house.

Surprise friend

This excellent female Northern Flicker came by the herb bed and investigated all the nooks and crannies while I was eating breakfast this morning! I told her the front yard had a lot of earwigs if that interested her.

Rainy day updates

The coreopsis is going to be spectacular here and in front yard once these numerous buds bloom!
Three colors of iris are now blooming.
A close up of the newest color, a very nice red-purple.

Today’s developments

Bluestars have been blooming for several days now in the backyard.
A yellow iris blooming! This is one from Mom.
Maybe a baby Baptisia? Or just a clover… We’ll find out soon enough!

Cilantro: 359 g

I’ve been meaning for several weeks to harvest, blanch, and freeze some cilantro.

After blanching, I balled it up to squeeze out water, though I left a few flat with stems too. Last year I only froze it, no blanching, and it was only good to mix in stuff. When it thawed out it was gross looking. Maybe this will help a little. Plus, now that I’ve cut all the plants back, hopefully that will delay bolting a little longer. Plants in the backyard are starting to flower so I’m just letting them go to seed.