Wet bumblebee and other things

Last night, brought in dwarf tomatoes and purple and chocolate peppers since temps forecast (and did reach) into 40s.
On Thursday night, before another night rain, Paula and I planted more wildflower seeds. Mom sent these Yellow Puff seeds. We scarified them by scraping their hard coats on the concrete patio.
On Thursday morning, I saw this very dew-drenched bumblebee. I was hoping it might be a two spotted bumblebee but I think the yellow on its abdomen was just clumping together with the dew??

Bone meal

On Thursday last week, I put bone meal for phosphorus around the three tomatoes that haven’t flowered this year. Monday, I found flowers on one. I haven’t checked the others yet.
Maximilian sunflower flamingo.
Monday, I think this is switchgrass from some native seed mix. This is Sorghastrum nutans, another major tallgrass prairie species. Thanks Jeanne for the correction!!
Monday, a dog smiled.
Monday, also sorted seeds from Mom and others to plant now and later in winter.
Monday, got seeds in the mail!!
Monday, a plant hopper on okra.
Sunday stir fry contained garden poblanos and jalapeƱos.

Saturday harvest and new lake

The original moon and stars watermelon is still here. The tendril is turning brown so it may be ready soon?
I harvested 162 g of oregano from the front and back yard. The Chef dehydrated it and removed the stems, and the final dry weight was 20 g.
Some blackjack oak acorns.
Walking towards a new lake.
Briar got to stand in the lake.
A leopard frog in the raised bed, hiding.

It lives!!!!

Liatris mucronata from home!! This is its first year, so I expect it will be big and showy next year. For now, I’m just happy it’s alive.

Last ditch tomato efforts

Two of my new tomato varieties (Amish Paste and Hungarian Heart) have either not flowered (Hungarian Heart) or only fruited twice (Amish Paste, literally TWO fruits on what is supposed to be a very productive variety.) Several websites suggested adding phosphorous as a potential solution for not flowering, so the dog helped me go to Ellison’s feed (she waggled at the store people) and I bought some bone meal and watered it into the soil around each of the three plants of the two varieties. We’ll see if it makes a difference in these last few weeks of the warm season!