02/27/2024 daffodils came with the house, plus bonus fungus

Why is native plant Claire moving daffodils around? I wouldn’t go out and buy more daffodils as they’re not native and I never see anything use them. However, since they were here, I divided and spread them along the row of Salvia greggii out front of the veggie beds. they’re not taking up space from anything else at the moment. I feel like a few familiar plants shows people this is deliberate and if I need the room for something else bulbs are easy to move.

Finally, soap box moment, I know purchased tulip bulbs often come with dangerous antifungals on them when purchased. I assume other bulbs do too. So if you’re a bulb fan, definitely look into trading some from a neighbor or getting organic.

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09/27/2023 happier in new spot

Last weekend, we moved the Mexican Sage (Salvia leucantha) from Judy. It had been in the very dry side yard for about two summers and kept wilting. Here by the garage it will still get sun, but stays just a little less dry. This species is drought tolerant but not quite our-side-yard drought tolerant as the rosemary or Maximilian sunflowers or garlic chives.