04/20/2024 Saturday puttering

After a bit of rain this morning (maybe a tenth of an inch?) it was cool and humid and cloudy all day.

Substantial haircut for the rosemary.
I noticed the old plainsman from home is open now!
I hung out with The Chef inside at the kitchen table while he cleaned. I am behind on getting the rest of our native legumes out. So, I decided to work on scarifying Amorpha canescens seeds. The untouched seeds are in the upper right corner.
I am not entirely sure I got the coatings off, but now there are cracks in the hulls.
I think these two are fully uncoated. I am not sure if both or either are viable. A lot that I opened this much seemed crumbly inside.
This is what one of the little seeds look like inside the hull. So, I suspect that as long as I pierce through hull, the seed can germinate. These are delicate enough I used my fingernails instead of a razor blade, but it is very tedious. I only plan to do this once though!

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