04/21/2024 cat crime

Last night I opened up the heating mat area to check on tomatoes and peppers who are indoors a few days while it’s chilly out.

This is the scene of destruction. I eliminated cutworms or earwigs, both which could have hitched in, by both the variety of damage (pulled up, snipped off) and by the fact that the covering towel was pulled down. Kind of hard for earwigs to do that at this stage of the apocalypse.
J’accuse!! Shacks, the main plant eating cat, was sleeping soundly.
Tonight, I evaluated the damage and reseeded. We had Midnight Roma, San Marzano Lungo II, white currant (including one for Mom), and Martino’s Roma surviving. You can see them outside the tray on the left. A single apple pepper (far right in back of tray) also was regrowing from a leaf nibble. I put the leafy plants in a tray in a room with a door, and the seeds back on the heating mat with new water and a stack of pots in front of the hanging towel.

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