02/24/2024 onions and a new raised bed

We’re adding four new veggie beds in the front and we got one in on Saturday.

We had the soil Paula dug up from where we’re putting a new path surface in. The new unassembled raised bed is on the teal sheet.
The Veradek brand raised bed went together well and simply. We did it together but it would have been fine with one person too. The Corten planters we have by the porch are that brand too and they are holding up well.
I brought a rotten, dried sweetgum log from the backyard and then Paula had fun smashing it for an even bottom layer.
Then I brought more oak leaves from the back patio to layer in. It feels a lot better to use anything we clean off the patio in the garden or compost than sending it out in the city compost. (We try to restrict that to large quantities of branches, Bermuda grass roots, and vegetable plants.)
Paula brought over the mix of about two thirds yard soil and about a third our compost and filled up the raised bed.
Then we put in Texas Early White onions! Yay!

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