Wednesday harvest and other friends

A lot of blue lake green beans.
Several tomato varieties are ripening.
UF garden gem was fine but all of the UF “W” at a similar color rotted and molded. Perhaps they don’t like the endless rain? I will watch more closely for ripening now too.
The Chef tied all the onions up for storage.
The mini bell peppers are more mini than I expected.
Corbaci peppers. I think the three little ones aren’t ready, but their plant died.
A mini bell pepper plant died too, in the same way, a rotting brown at the base.
This mushroom looks like it should be named lemon chiffon something.
Weighing the dried garlic.
Pseudothyris sp. moth resting on strawberry leaf.

First harvests and little friend

95 g of blackberries!!
A dinner’s worth of green beans! From Mbombo (more) and blue lake (fewer and smaller) beans.
A lightning bug sitting on the zucchini.
A’grappoli d’inverno tomatoes (larger ones) and white currant tomatoes (small yellow ones). I’m delighted the white currants grew true to seed since I collected them last year!
The Chef cooked the green beans with bacon and put walking onions chopped on baked potato.
A little gray treefrog guards the zucchini from a radish leaf!

Big tomatoes

There were four plants getting too big for their containers, so we put them in the raised beds.

I also planted seeds of rouge vif d’etampes squash, cushaw squash (supposed to be resistant to squash vine borer), country gentleman corn, bush zucchini, and marketmore 76 cucumbers.

Pepper potting

Paula rightly pointed out that the baby peppers needed more room to grow.

Thanks to some extra pots from Elyse and containers that Paula and I saved up, we were able to put all the big peppers and Peruvian ground cherries into larger containers. Now they are hanging out with the tomatoes and tomatillos all in their big containers.