04/16/2024 sketching out paths

After the big oak trim, we have a lot of small to medium sized branches leftover from The Chef’s mushroom growing attempts.

You can kind of see the crooked lines of logs in almost parallel. I’m trying to have the logs follow the electric easement, so if it ever has to be worked on, mostly just the path is disturbed. The plants I put back here are also usually friends who resprout from cut roots, like elderberry, pokeberry, Maximilian sunflower, goldenrod, and sunchoke.
I also started edging the brush pile parallel to the east-west trellis fence. The landscape timbers by the trellis have been there since we bought the house, but are a nice marker to know where all the stems are behind. Ultimately the brush pile will be completely to partially displaced for a chicken coop, if we get chickens. By that time though we’ll have lots of other cover, as well as all the log edges, to keep good hiding places for wrens and skinks.

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  1. If you get chickens you will have to keep them penned or they will wreck your yard. Did Wes have luck with the mushrooms?

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