02/01/2024 pink and red seed processing

Iā€™m holding a magenta coralberry fruit peeled back so you mostly see the pale two seeds and whitish, almost fuzzy inner layer around the seeds.
Removing dried fleshy coats of coralberry fruits. Each one has two halves of a creamy colored seed.
My thumb and forefinger hold the scarlet coral-bean seed so you can see a tiny chip in its thick protective coating. The rusty razor blade I used is to the right on the ceramic gray table surface.
After an overnight soak in water, the coral-bean seed coat was still so, so hard. I finally scored one spot enough that a chip flaked off. success!! So I put it back in water for one more night and hopefully it will imbibe. That seems to be the term for the seed swelling up with water and about to root.

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