All the basil, five varieties. The Chef has committed to pesto tonight.
The green striped cushaw squash just gets noticeably bigger every day!


The Missouri fluttermill primroses just keep going! I’m wondering if it’s that I’m giving the new Justicia pilosella behind them water? It’s usually just a cup or two.
A mystery squash has emerged.
The green basils are getting sunscald on their leaves, I think. The amethyst basil are shaded a bit by the mealy blue sage and look better, but also wilt more often between watering.

Home for the weekend

Since the days are still warm, I’m bringing the basil and peppers and sometimes if I have time, the tomatoes (but I was rushing this morning) out for maximum sunshine.
Another tiny spider on the outside work bench!

On my way out the door

Baby basils (l to r: large leaf, red rubin, and Genovese) with the older but not growing container basil. Hoping it will get a good start before being inside for winter.

Little things growing

Some of tepary beans have started to climb!
Salvia coccinea seedlings emerge in an earwig-free environment.
Likewise, maybe the baby basil will have more luck away from earwigs.