Winter wheat did not do fine

So, even with covering, 12° F was too cold for the baby wheat. All wilted and dead. Oh well. It made it through 15 before, so it may have just been for too long, or finally past a threshold.

Low 19 F forecast tonight

Leaves to insulate the baby bok choy
Leaves to insulate the baby lettuce
The screen (made to keep rabbits out) holds the leaves in, in case there is wind.
Apparently one should blanch small round fruit before attempting to make raisins. Regular ground cherries.
A chironomid fly adult chilling near garage door.
Some sort of cutworm, on collard greens, the previous night. I threw it out in yard where hopefully the mockingbird will find it.
I touched another dog!
The Chef successfully made honey mead! We tried it. Was good. He says it needs to age now.
Crabapple jelly central.
Hanging out in his haunted mansion.

Winter crop attempts

Got this cool season wheat from Native Seed Search. It sprouted yesterday!!! One of the lettuce seeds from Paula (Parris Island Cos Romaine) also came up the day before yesterday, on Thursday.