Thai green curry

From garden: cilantro, bok choy, walking onion. Other ingredients include random assorted vegetables. It was delicious!! Thanks Paula!!!

Indoor greens

Chijimisai greens were a free seed packet in an order, and despite being a Brassica the label said not frost hardy. So I’m trying to grow them in a decorative planter with some other friends.

A heavy frost

Parris island cos romaine lettuce seedling
Collard greens from Judy
Briar looks at the collard greens
Not sure the bok choy is happy. 🤔

Winter crop attempts

Got this cool season wheat from Native Seed Search. It sprouted yesterday!!! One of the lettuce seeds from Paula (Parris Island Cos Romaine) also came up the day before yesterday, on Thursday.

The illusion of plenty

Green tomatoes have been gradually ripening indoors.
Had kale and tomato salad and a chard salad last night. The Chef is not a kale fan. I’m not sure I was either by itself, needed either more pre treatment or mixing in other greens.

Home to a mystery solved

Wes reported that the chijimisai greens were all eaten up, and they live in the plant window. This morning I found at least three Cabbage White caterpillars on them. The plants were only outside for part of a day or two!! Ugh!!!