Trimming and spreading zinnia seeds

The pineapple sage is actually looking very nice.
I have left 6-8″ stems so that the stalks may be used by insects to overwinter.
Trimming the zinnias has allowed both pineapple sage to be visible from all angles.


Mom and Dad gave me some very nice rocks from their past travels.
The purple and blue bed is completely edged!

Exciting visitors of many species

A katydid on the pineapple sage!
A mantis on the zinnias in the rainbow garden.
Gracie brought her humans to visit us today!!
Waiting for Gracie to play again.
A very blue bee!!
Front of the blue bee.
Gracie is fun!!! She liked our very exciting frisbee except it was harder to pick up than her usual tennis balls and pine cones.
Gram liked we have the rare side door open to let in a sunny spot!

Sort of a rainbow

‘Diane’ purple Salvia greggii and purple moss verbena (non native, bought it by mistake), mealy blue sage, ‘Fordham giant’ Swiss Chard and lacinato kale for green, marigolds for yellow (but they turned out more orange…), Linnaeus burning embers marigolds for orange, and ‘Will Rogers’ zinnias for red. Needs some work on colors, but not bad for a start!