03/18/2024 complicated

We got permission from kind neighbors to try digging up a few spring beauties from their yard, which had a huge patch. We have two from Texas, but I like to try and have some genetic diversity where possible. I think after this we may order some bare roots from elsewhere and then with three sources, hopefully any seeds will be able to have a chance of adapting.

I was expecting to find tubers maybe 6” below the surface. We kept finding tapered off stems about 3-6” underground. They didn’t seem to have any rootlets.
We got lots like this (and there were still lots left in the yard, since this was not public we were going for fewer than 10% of the patch). just in case, we put rooting powder on the stems with a damp paper towel in a sealed container.
Our one for sure victory! This tuber is maybe a third of the size of the ones Mom gave us. The flowers and leaves did seem to just be very tenuously attached.
I found a bigger one but despite our careful attempts at digging, I got unlucky and sliced it. We put rooting powder on the surface in case it can be saved.

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