03/01/2024 legumes around the house

This year is our year to grow a bunch native legumes, as we decided, and a lot of progress is occurring!

The goat’s rue has very interesting wrinkled seed leaves! They’re bigger than I expected from the seeds too.
The scarlet peas are adding to their sets of adult leaves nicely in the little six pack flats here.
In the plant window indoors, we have been very excited to see the coral bean come up on 02/29! I photographed it the next day. We’re going to keep it inside during winter and early spring as it’s not hardy here. It might be ok down in NC Tx. We’ll see what climate changes does in the next few years. it’s a scraggly little seedling which is interesting for such a big tough looking seed!

4 Replies to “03/01/2024 legumes around the house”

  1. Can’t wait to hear how the legumes work out. Wondering how much they will produce and how hardy they will be. Keep us posted.

  2. This is really exciting, Claire! All the species you’re growing are favorites of mine. I’m sure interested in your progress!

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