Fancy, that’ll teach me (Wednesday dinner)

Course 1: garlic lemon aioli with rolled prosciutto, atop bacon fat flatbread, on a bed of radicchio, drizzled with goji tomatillo (garden) syrup, topped with Leonberger cheese, and garnished with a mini bell pepper slice (garden) and white currant tomatoes (garden).
Course 2: venison bone broth made with carrots, celery, parsley (garden), with chopped onions (last of garden) and pearled barley, garnished with mini bell peppers (garden) and served with the bacon fat flatbread.
Course 3: braised venison shoulder seasoned with rosemary (garden), shiitake mushroom, serrano peppers (a friend’s garden), and onion (garden). Plated with radicchio, garlic lemon aioli, sliced tomatoes (garden), and a sea of goji tomatillo (garden) syrup.
In lieu of pictures of course 4 (fresh vanilla bean frozen custard a la Paula), here is the dog hoping for course 3. We ate the ice cream and didn’t take a picture. 😎

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