03/17/2024 perfect sunshine

Shacks needed outside in the sun. please humans!!! (he was right, it’s super nice out.)

Shackleton hopped onto human shoulders. He’s been asking so politely to go out in sun all day. Please!!!! We finally obliged him.
Williams pride Apple has been blooming for several days but none of the others are and the neighbors’ crabapple went straight to leaves. So we shall see if any fruit happens.
Solomon’s seal is sprouting near the compost pile.
Volunteer oxalis are filling out the front basil bed nicely. We need to have a discussion about leaving them as a green mulch or removing them.
Unknown seedling in the rosemary and sunflower bed.
The Stillingia sylvatica is alive!!! this was rescued from a prairie doomed to construction.
Amorpha canescens lives too!! All of the liatris near it are up too. None of the verbenas are. I worry they died in the freezes. The perennial skullcaps are both getting a few leaves.
I dug up a rough leaf sunflower shoot for a friend. It had gone horizontal under a paver from the original plant!

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  1. Spring is springing up beautifully at your place! I’m excited for you about the Stillingia and the Amorpha! Nice species.

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