04/30/2023 garlic scapes and feral hog fire-cooked ribs

Garlic scapes are the flower buds before they open. Here they are yesterday before I harvested them this morning. Harvesting them is supposed to make the garlic cloves turn out better as the energy doesn’t go all into the flowers. Last year we left the flowers.
The Chef had a hankering to cook over fire. Here he adjusts a makeshift grill over the flames. An aluminum foil packet of potatoes is near his feet. Later he did the feral hog ribs over the fire too but finished a few of them off in the oven to ensure more even temperature for safety and convenience.
The meal. The Chef topped his ribs with head country barbecue sauce. Potatoes (lower part of plate) came out perfect in spite of the packet seeming to catch on fire at some point. The garlic scapes were sautéed with onions and already cooked beans (upper left). I think we all agreed potatoes were good, scapes need something different, and ribs should have been slow cooked instead to be less tough.

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  1. Good learning process and still looks very delicious. Where can one get feral hog ribs if you don’t harvest them yourself? Slow cooker sounds like the way to go next time.

    1. Paula knows someone who hunts and likes to fill up his tags (if that’s the right term?) but doesn’t have enough freezer space for it all. We’re lucky! I did some searching online and I’m not sure if the online “wild boar” is actually people hunting invasive feral hog or people deliberately keeping them around to harvest.

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