08/06/2022 POPCORN

Glass gem popcorn in all its glorious colors!
One cob down, two to go.
Paula just used her hands to remove the kernels.
The kernels are such a beautiful mix of colors!
Three ears of popcorn made 147 g of dried kernels. We let the ears dry on the stalk and then have been keeping them in the hot dry shade on the porch.
About half of the kernels Paula tried did pop. According to this extension service article we found, this means they’re probably still too moist. More should pop and be fluffier too once they dry more. However, we’re still quite pleased!

5 Replies to “08/06/2022 POPCORN”

  1. The cobs are so pretty I could hardly bear to strip the kernels! Very cool that you got it to pop. How about taste? Does it have a richer or different flavor than store-bought?

    1. It smelled a lot more popcorny while cooking. The texture wasn’t better, but from reading, I think that’s because they need to dry more to be properly fluffy

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