Evening rounds

Back in the AC shelling purple hulled pink-eyed cowpea. The not quite dry ones maybe look a little pink on eyes??
They do have magnificently purple hulls.
These two cowpea pods are still working on getting that consistent purple.
I think this is the “fluttermill” seed pod beginning to develop on the Missouri fluttermill primrose.
Lacinato kale is getting a bit overshadowed by the Fordham giant Swiss chard. We’ll have to have a salad to help it out.
One marigold! Unfortunately it’s orange in the yellow section?? I thought the mix looked mostly yellow so hopefully at a distance we can pretend it’s golden. 🤣
Big banana spider on the north side of tomatoes.
A slightly smaller one on the south side.
Last night when I mowed the yard, I put the grass trimmings on the rainbow beds as a mulch. Hopefully that keeps the plants happier. You can see Judy’s yellow iris looking lovely in front.

4 Replies to “Evening rounds”

  1. That’s a new flower bud on the Missouri primrose. Eventually the seed pod will develop at the base of the long floral tube that supports the flower.

    1. That’s cool that the Missouri Primrose is going to bloom again. I guess it likes Claire’s watering routine.

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