04/22/2023 planted a few things

I put out two of our three pots of Inland Sea Oats! I also moved the all-red prairie coneflower (Ratibida columnifera) out front to the rain garden and a bunch of Strophostyles (fuzzybeans) everywhere.
Culinary sage is at peak bloom in the rainbow garden!
Missouri Fluttermill Primrose is very happy after that rain a few days ago!
This mystery plant is in the rock garden. I’m hoping it might be a Scutellaria.
Penstemon grandiflorus, planted last year from Prairie moon nursery, looks like it wants to bloom this year!

04/15/2023 spring at home in person

Mystery green bit in caliche planter. Looks suspiciously like a grass but we’ll find out! Maybe something good!
The yellow irises from Judy are in full bloom now!
One of the two Camassia scilloides has TWO flower buds!
The other Camassia scilloides has a much smaller flower bud. The angusta has a similar sized bud that is on a shorter stalk as of yet.
The two leaf senna is coming back! This one got big last year and made a lot of seeds.
The other smaller two leaf senna from last year is off to a great start this season!
I put a lot of Missouri fluttermill primrose seeds in the yellow area of the rainbow garden )near the two leaf senna) and one is coming up! Yay!
The dwarf spiderwort continues to bloom! This one has two flowers now! The other individual hasn’t flowered yet.
This mystery grass has appeared in many areas under the oak tree. It seems wrong for millet but I don’t remember wheat in the bird seed mix? Any ideas are welcome. iNaturalist suggests the wheat genus but I don’t think there are any native ones here.

04/26 and 04/28 assorted

The Tupperware experiment Ashy Sunflowers have a few more sprouts as of 04/26. I need to move them more carefully as the last two I tried to plant promptly shriveled up and died.
Texas mallow coming up!
The other individual of Texas mallow coming up!
Now on 04/28, an Ashy Sunflower actually sprouting from seed! I believe this was one that got stratified.
04/28 rock garden is looking good.
Penstemon grandiflorus from prairiemoon.com as bare root seems to be growing!
The Astragalus (ground plum) not looking as good again.
Finishing up the 04/28 pics, the culinary sage is blooming in the rainbow garden!

04/30/2022 assorted

Yarrow from home about to bloom.
Linum rigidum (yellow flax) from home is blooming! It’s an annual, but I’m hoping it will go to seed.
The mailbox irises are varied this year!
Closeup of purple.
Closeup of pink.
This englemann daisy has lost a few petals!
The two leaf senna is growing a second pair of leaves!!
Two baby flax are just starting their adult leaves.
The false gaura is doing fine but there was also this very nice fly on its label.
Gulf coast penstemon from the NPSOT plant sale is blooming!

Primary colors!

The rainbow bed has blue, yellow, and red blooming now. The iris is helping but is not part of the actual beds.
Paula’s plant lounge.
A big bird grasshopper!
Love our banana spiders. I know we have at least three big ones around the garden in the front yard. This one has used the loofah gourd tendrils for its web anchors. Or the gourd is using the web as a support. Who knows!
The zinnia has opened!
Looking from the red end of the rainbow towards the street.

Evening rounds

Back in the AC shelling purple hulled pink-eyed cowpea. The not quite dry ones maybe look a little pink on eyes??
They do have magnificently purple hulls.
These two cowpea pods are still working on getting that consistent purple.
I think this is the “fluttermill” seed pod beginning to develop on the Missouri fluttermill primrose.
Lacinato kale is getting a bit overshadowed by the Fordham giant Swiss chard. We’ll have to have a salad to help it out.
One marigold! Unfortunately it’s orange in the yellow section?? I thought the mix looked mostly yellow so hopefully at a distance we can pretend it’s golden. 🤣
Big banana spider on the north side of tomatoes.
A slightly smaller one on the south side.
Last night when I mowed the yard, I put the grass trimmings on the rainbow beds as a mulch. Hopefully that keeps the plants happier. You can see Judy’s yellow iris looking lovely in front.