Assorted non-bee news (mostly)

Roundup is starting to take effect on Bermuda grass. I can’t plant the buffalograss until I get that nasty invader out.
A different bumblebee (or maybe robber fly mimic?? It flew different I thought) came to get water while I watered rainbow garden beds.
Saturday morning dog. She is four years old as of Friday!
Ironweed buds! Looking forward to the purple!
Briar helping me garden on her birthday. Buffalograss corner of prairie is a good laying spot!
I trimmed all the dying dill and cilantro out of the herb bed so I could see what’s going on with parsley, sage, and oregano better.

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  1. Also re: the different-looking bumblebee, might be a carpenter or miner bee. Miner bees look very similar to bumbles but are smaller. Carpenters are about the same size as bumbles.

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