04/28/2024 a rest day

I mostly puttered today.

Annual blue flax (Linum pratensis, vs the Linum lewisii you can buy from most native seed dealers, which is a perennial, though I recall reading they can hybridize). I hope it will seed from just one because only one individual has bloomed so far.
We have decided to mark the irises so we can divide them after they bloom. This one is “dark yellow” = DY. We have a pink one, a dark blue, a pale blue, and a pale yellow. There is also the very dark “goth iris” that blooms in late summer or fall but it hasn’t bloomed yet, obviously.
Shacks says flowers are no substitute for outside or dust. (Pink are pink ladies or showy evening primrose, purple are winecups, and the frilly one on the side is an iris that got knocked over.)
Sensitive briar is coming up VERY well! I often see non-native ones sold in “popular” stores but this one is seeds we found locally. I have seen the native species sold online.
All of the Baptisia bracteata have started rooting and scarlet pea (top left, two individuals in one pot) continues to grow. I’m putting the bigger plants out one at a time in hopes the bunny won’t get them all.
Next tray! Bottom left is the one unplanted yellow puff. The one I planted in the rainbow garden still lives. I made a pile of spiky sweetgum balls around it. The second row from bottom are Tephrosia virginiana from Jeanne’s seeds. The top four containers in this tray are Baptisia australis var minor (wild blue indigo). (Behind them are the tomatoes that survived Shackleton. The new tray is doing well but I haven’t had time to write down what’s going on beyond noting peppers are slower in sprouting.)
In the clear trays, the bottom four are the sensitive briar I showed a close up of earlier. The four above are mystery Baptisia from Mom in TX. The top two with lids still on haven’t visibly sprouted yet. Once they do, I take off the humidity trapping lid to reduce chances of damping off.

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