Winter tepary harvesting

Over the winter, we’ve gradually pulled down dried tepary bean pods from the trellis. The ones with the most air around them have molded least. I think it would be better if we harvested them more promptly but c’est la vie.

Five shiny tepary beans in the palm of my hand. Their background color is mustard yellow and they have little darker spots all over their barely wrinkled but still shiny surfaces.
I love the tiny brown speckles on these tepary beans.
The three beans on the left appear to be wild type tepary beans. I planted some among the cultivars in hopes that cross pollination may occur. You can see they are a different texture and shape than just the little malformed cultivar beans to their right (the top two in the row to their right).
Briar enjoyed an afternoon in late winter sun to shuck beans.
Tepary bean hulls everywhere! Paula was digging and I kept her company while shelling.

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  1. Your beans made me think of Jack and the bean stalk. 😉. Paula is a hard worker!! Whew makes me tire just seeing the area.

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