03/19/2023 tomatillos having a hard time

Both of two varieties of tomatillos have died of damping off fungus. Here’s a second try (in a different container with fresh soil) of tomatillo verde. Going to try to keep them drier this time by keeping them at the windiest part of the tray (where fan mainly hits). Been rotating all the other seedlings through to get them evenly moist but these friends seem to be more delicate.

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      1. You’re welcome! When I was getting my horticulture degree, we would drench our seedling trays with diluted fungicide to combat damping off. Organic alternatives weren’t available then (early 1990s) but it seems like there must be something out there by now.

  1. When i used to start seedlings i found they did much better if i waited till i could just plant outside. The ones planted always caught up to and passed the ones i started indoors. I quit trying to start early.

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