03/19/2023 tomatillos having a hard time

Both of two varieties of tomatillos have died of damping off fungus. Here’s a second try (in a different container with fresh soil) of tomatillo verde. Going to try to keep them drier this time by keeping them at the windiest part of the tray (where fan mainly hits). Been rotating all the other seedlings through to get them evenly moist but these friends seem to be more delicate.

01/17/2023 first peppers up!

Shackleton and Tuqu are eager to assist in examination of seedlings.
Tuqu the tortie cat sticks her whole head in a  recycled yogurt container used as a pot, while Shackleton the gray and white very puffy but still short haired cat looks on.
Three varieties of peppers have sprouted! This kind of help is why they (the plants, not the cats) are going immediately to the cat free guest room.
The Chimayó seedling has extremely fuzzy roots! Maybe because there was humidity trapped by the yogurt container lids? I have removed the lids now so they can get air flow to prevent damping off.

09/03/2022 popcorn testing again

The tiny bowl on the left contains popcorn from a deeper container. The tiny bowl on the right contains popcorn from a shallow bowl. Both are stored near an air vent. The sample on the right had nearly all kernels pop. The sample on left did not. We have decided we need to at least stir that container.

Anti-cat defense fortress air flow adapter

Wes made a holder for one of the fans to attach to the shelf where we hide the tender plants at night from Gram right now on cool nights. Isn’t it nifty?

It is the orange part behind the fan.
He even made it so the towel can be tucked into a groove and not get stuck in the fan.

Wet plants need air circulation

It’s supposed to get into the 40s F tonight so we brought the tender plants in (peppers, ground cherries, tomatoes).

This requires covering to secure them from Cat Ideas. However, each tray has a good half inch plus of water in them and the soil is saturated from massive rain this afternoon and evening, and I don’t want any chances of mold.

Wes fixed up a second plant fan for me and I cut two holes in the box for one set. We opened two towel corners for the shelf tray.

The box covers the plants. The hole is for the air to move through the box. The empty oatmeal containers are to keep the cat from investigating the fan at the lower right corner of the towel. The metal bucket is to prevent the cat from moving the box.
The fan pushing air through the box.