Growth ideas

I think this is Carolina Snailseed, one of the volunteers that was here already.
This legume is under the yaupon Holly by the dining room window. I think it could be either a partridge pea or an Illinois bundleflower.

The red speckled seedlings are taking shape. I browsed through’s catalog and the leaf shape suggests it might be my prairie verbena!! I really hope so. Their pictures don’t show the red speckles, but we’ll see as they grow.
A smaller one. You can see the anise hyssop (Agastache sp) to the left and below; they have spade shaped cotyledons.
Near the Liatris I transplanted from home, there are two mystery plants. I’m thinking potentially fleabane or puccoon??
The second one of same thing.
The mystery sprouts do appear to be my bluestars. Abby mentioned they have milky sap.

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