A soft, sheltering blanket begins

Hopefully we will get the additional forecast snow to help everything from the single digits forecast for Sunday and beyond!

The new onions especially need some protection. This is an experiment to see what they can handle since I should be able to get more if they die.
The backyard strawberry patch already has a lot of leaves, dead grass, saffron leaves (the green grass-like leaves), and the snow, so I think they’ll be fine. I’ll cover the front yard strawberries before it gets below 10 F.

3 Replies to “A soft, sheltering blanket begins”

  1. Be careful of the ice. Snow will help your plants i think. I will be glad to hear how your plants make it thru this awful cold snap. I think i will lose lots of plants. Even my palms.

    1. Fortunately i think we only have snow forecast after this. I just put up another post, i decided i would put towels over the strawberries. I saw someone else in the neighborhood covered her century plant with a tarp.

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