05/23/2024 more

More leaves, new flowers!

My Asclepias verticillata (whorled milkweed) is blooming for the first time in its second spring! Abby gave me this plant.
This is a Salvia azurea var grandiflora, a new Oklahoma sourced one. I’m hoping between this and my old Texas ones, they’ll start going to seed.
Carex grisea from Abby has survived its transplanting!
Cirsium texanum, Texas thistle, seeds from Mom and Dad’s house. It’s thinking about blooming!
The Leon memorial blackberry patch is ripening!!
Desmanthus leptobolus seedling is just hinting at a tiny adult leaf. This is the same genus as Illinois bundleflower but with a straight instead of curly seed pod.
The very baby Amorpha canescens (leadplant) has a very small adult leaf now!

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