05/23/2024 time off

I’m taking today and tomorrow off so I hope I can look around the garden a little more.

The Matalea biflora (seeds from Texas home) has adult leaves now!!
Eryngos, which are an annual, from home also doing well!
This is not an erygno, and I think it’s either gumweed (Grindelia) or safflower. I suspect safflower but I don’t remember letting any go to seed last year, so we’ll wait and see.
My known gumweed area plant has bigger leaves. But that can vary, so you see why I’m suspicious of the other plant.

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  1. Gumweed doesn’t have to have crinkly leaves like your known gumweed does. I’m not familiar with how safflower looks from seed, but when I first saw the picture of the unknown plant, I did immediately think of gumweed.

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