05/11/2024 supposed to rain tonight sadly

Why sadly? Well, it’s good for the new plants I just put out because the forecast is pretty firm about rain, but it’s going to obscure possibilities for more of a rare G5 geomagnetic storm that resulted in the aurora borealis visible FROM OUR DRIVEWAY. Check out the view last night at Texas home on Mom’s blog too!

My best shot, from the driveway. This is facing southeast, which is not where we expected to see it! this is yesterday May 10.
To the east, we couldn’t tell if this was a cirrus cloud until I took a picture.
Today, the main astronomical event was a squirrel up in dog space.
With the clouds, we did get to see several blooms on the Datura wrightii (seeds from Mom in Wise County). This plant is two years old this year.

2 Replies to “05/11/2024 supposed to rain tonight sadly”

  1. Nice pics of the Aurora. We didn’t know about it and slept right thru. Datura blooms are nice.

  2. Awesome shots! And thank you Zach! And you didn’t have to drive like you had previously. And now it is a checked off on the bucket list for me. But I wouldn’t mind see it again with out the aid of the phone camera.

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