11/18/2023 prairie verbena yay!

The deeply incised leaves of prairie verbena (plus some hitchhiking oxalis) against dark soil.  I’m pointing at it with a gray and textured glove.
I think the seed from home being fresh helped, as one came up very quickly this summer. All of these happened after we bought two plants at the native plant festival haha.
I’m pointed my gloved finger at a little verbena seedling nested among bigger green leaves with many veins.
This verbena seed took almost a year I think to come up, and now two little seedlings are up too. So the many of them just want to take their own time. Its leaves are different. More like I expected for Verbena halei but I had it labeled where I thought it was prairie. We shall find out!

7 Replies to “11/18/2023 prairie verbena yay!”

    1. Yes like mom said both are native. I accidentally planted a non native moss verbena a while back and now have to keep pulling up its seedlings grr. But I know where those are.

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