08/14/2022 fermenting slimy seeds

I did some reading and it seems like we should actually be fermenting the canteloupe seeds, so I threw out the others (which were crunchy with dried goo/slime). Here’s the seeds from today’s snack.
White currant tomato seeds looked pretty fermenty in the cupboard today so I rinsed them in the strainer and plopped them onto a paper towel. We set the paper towel by an air vent. This has worked for these seeds in the past, as this year’s plant is from harvested seeds.

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  1. When i made roasted seeds, i rinsed and rubbed them in a strainer and most of the stringy stuff came off.

  2. Never thought about fermenting. Wonder if they would sprout without it. Ive dried lots of seeds on paper towels. Worked well for me.

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