07/10/2022 purple

Paula tried one of our Purple Beauty Peppers and found it to be not very sweet, more green bell pepper taste still, and after looking online I think I picked them too early. Needs to be fully, deeply purple. I was worried about sunscald though (see the big tan area on the top one). They’ll still be good to use though.
The William’s Pride apple continues to get a flush of red. It’s hot out, me too!
I thought this grasshopper was really pretty. Not sure I’ve seen one like it before. We have lots of predator insects and birds in the yard so a few grasshoppers are no harm and lots of food for our other wild friends!
Zucchini begins.

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  1. Have you thought about using shade cloth on the crops for which you fear scalding? It’s available in different amounts of light transmission – usually 30%, 50% and 70%.

      1. I belong to a North Texas Veggie Gardeners group. A number of the members routinely shade parts of or their entire gardens in the summer and swear by it. I haven’t done it personally though.

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