05/01/2022 ashy sunflower from moldy humid container, attempt 2

The ashy sunflower humid tupperware had those two new seedlings. Last time I transferred out into soil, they shriveled within a few days.
So, this time I’m making them a little greenhouse to get adjusted.
This pot actually has two: one seedling and one I found sprouted with a root but the cotelydons (seed leaves) weren’t out yet from the seed husk.
The upside down lunch meat container doesn’t quite seal over them, so I put damp paper towels as a sort of barrier. We’ll see if it works!
Accidentally knocked off some flowers of showy evening primrose by the sidewalk when going back and forth to get pots and soil.

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    1. No, can I?? You have the foraging book haha. I just figured it was a good way to get a bit more mileage out of them since I had broken the stems

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