Oops, somehow I got more plants??

Mom told me that the Native Plant Society was having their spring sale on Saturday… So of course we had to go. I got lots of understory trees and shade ground covers, plus a few other things. More on this once I get home and plant them next weekend.
On Saturday evening, we went ahead and put Mom’s tomatoes in the ground. I think our yogurt containers may be part of why the seedlings have been struggling. The knife “slices” in the bottom don’t leak well enough I think; each one was still very wet in the soil at the bottom. In the future I think we’d better drill holes.
Doggies always alert. (From today, Sunday.)
This chickadee in a nest box refuses to move. The eggs, visible in a previous check, are on Mom’s blog.

6 Replies to “Oops, somehow I got more plants??”

  1. I like your angle of the chickadee; can see the nest material better. Doggies look happy. The native plants were so awesome to see plus all the people snapping them up. If only the the big box stores would sell them too😞

  2. You need more plants. Feel sorry for that chickadee if all her eggs hatch. Big box stores mostly sell things that arent even happy here.

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