Survival both short term and long term

The Mexican plum dug from Mom and Dad’s yard last summer is budding! (The metal across it is the flag I have to not lose it.)
The prairie parsley also from home is still alive.
Ditto for the whitlow-wort. It’s an annual, but I hope it will reseed.
The smaller whitlow-wort is growing through its mud.
This is something just sprouting. I have a label nearby that says greeneyes. Mom does this have the right leaves?? I also do have a lot of ironweed in this area.

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  1. I couldn’t find any sprouting up here. But yours does look like the edges are crenate which Greeneyes has and ironweed are toothed. So maybe…

  2. I have to mark things too or i might stomp on them or pull them. They all look good. Happy you got a mexican plum. Theyre so pretty when in bloom.

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