Indoor repotting

We got almost an inch of sleet today.
Briar’s toes provide excellent grip.
Squirrel tree in our neighborhood.
This evening we repotted baby tomatoes and peppers. Mid last week I forgot some other repotted tomatoes outside and they froze. So those three varieties are being germinated again. But meanwhile these babies needed new pots.
One dwarf tomato is thriving and fruiting; the other is drying up and has spider mites. Paula bought a basil and is keeping it alive. The indoor peppers have a good head start for spring but I doubt will fully fruit by then.

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  1. What are the plants in the big pots? And the frilly stuff on the shelf? They look good considering they have to be in house.

    1. One is a Peruvian ground cherry we wanted to overwinter, one is oregano, and the tall thing is lemongrass. The frilly stuff on the shelf is roman chamomile I’m trying to have ready to put out in spring as ground cover. This spot has the best light in house and is right next to a vent for warmth.

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