Missouri Yellow Watermelon split open partially, so we split it the rest of the way to eat the unexposed part. Very nice!
Spider lilies started blooming today. Not native, never see anything on them, but they were already here and they’re weird!
Closeup of spotted euphorbia (Euphorbia maculata).
Paula spotted this exciting find: a hornworm with parasitic pupae on it!!
Dolba hyloeus also known as the pawpaw sphinx. One of the host plants is yaupon holly, which is where Paula found it.
Mom said to save it in a jar so we can see what kind of wasps come out. She recently had a parasitized tobacco hornworm from Judy.

5 Replies to “Surprises”

  1. Ok, I know what the cat is, Pawpaw Sphinx, Really cool find! Is the second pic your spurge? and what kind of melon is the yellow one?

  2. Did yall eat the melon? What kind and was it good? I found a cat like that earlier. Cant help feeling sorry for it. Hell of a way to die. I love spider lilies.

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