Harvesting and trimming

Blue lake green beans, lots of tomatoes, and some tomatillos! This variety (verde) is actually maturing mid summer. Last year, Rio Grande Verde variety all waited til end of summer.
A single pod of runner bean. They have lots of flowers though!
A baby cushaw squash! Supposed to be resistant to squash vine borers and indeed the plant has yet been untouched.

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  1. I’ll have to try cushaw squash next year. Did you grow it from seed? The borers destroyed all my plantings and replantings in short order. I at least got enough yellow squash to freeze from my first planting before they died.

    1. Yes, I’d be happy to mail you some if you want. Mom can give you my number and you can text me your address. The borers got my zucchini and part of my rouge Vif d’Etampes squash but they seem to have stopped now so the remainder of the rouge squash plant seems happy.

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