Insulating blanket of FUN

We woke up to a snowy world! Briar has seen snow before and enjoyed it but was hesitant at first this morning. She got over that soon enough and subsequently went insane with happy bouncing.

Briar examines the herb bed. Only seeds there except a single low growing oregano from Judy under the bucket. You can see the plant window in the background.
Briar passes outdoor stratification native wildflower seeds in little pots. Heck of a cold stratification this time!
The front yard raised beds with Salvia greggii in front.
One of our four rosemaries.
The garlic!
Snow whiskers! You know it’s cold when your breath freezes on your snoot!
Lots of little plants safely under the snow now. I feel a lot better about the impending -9°F etc coming up in the next few days now. Below: safety. Above: bouncies!!

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