Trimming the onion shoots for root growth

I read recently (but can’t for the life of me remember which book) that when sprouting onion seeds, you should trim them to promote more root growth. I did this to half of my sprouts. This will make sure it doesn’t kill them first. If these turn out okay I’ll do the other half.

Supervisor Briar is not concerned about onion haircuts. I put them back in the plant window after their trim.

3 Replies to “Trimming the onion shoots for root growth”

  1. Thats so interesting about trimming. Never heard that before. Wonder if it would work for onion slips you can buy at feed stores etc. keep us posted about how they do

  2. How long will you wait? Did you measure the roots of both cut and none cut to compare? And i know you entered this into your spreadsheet 😊

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