07/28/2023 surprise yellow flowers

I had assumed these tall plants were Gaura longifolia but they turned out to be Oenethera rhombipetala, four-point primrose! I did put seed out last winter. There are multiple plants! They are supposed to be self incompatible so hopefully they can reseed. (A few years ago I had just one plant come up and it didn’t reseed for that reason. This is from
new seeds.). I think they must bloom sometime after midnight but before 5am (my range of dog taking out times) because seed pods keep forming yet I only see spent flowers.

07/30/2023 very tall

Ironweed, gaura, four point primrose, gumweed, and more have grown very tall this year.
Briar likes her short grassy spot at the edge of the very tall “prairie”.
My supervisor likes her grassy spot.
A rattlebox flower blooming again!
Gaura longifolia doing well right now.
The gaura are very tall!
A very late Texas Dandelion blooming this morning!

I love days like this

So many surprises last night and this morning!

A baby frog, probably a gray treefrog?
It hopped from a pot to a carrot leaf. So small. This was my big surprise last night.
First moss rose flower of the season.
Today’s surprise is the tall mystery plant has finally bloomed!
It turned out to be a four-point primrose!! I remember having seeds from Mom and planting them, but I don’t remember planting them in this particular spot. 🤣🤷