It’s earwigs.

Safe from bunnies, some innocent seedlings grow.
But there is an earwig. I dusted this entire area and the seedlings with diatomaceous earth. Yet here we are. But, the seedlings are still intact, so maybe it helps? We’ll see in the morning.
They’re even eating the onions. Is this why people don’t use pure compost to fill raised beds? Is mulch the problem? WHY!!! (I’ll try putting the diatomaceous earth around the onions tomorrow too.)

Earwig defense

Well, a few more carrot seedlings disappeared under the bunny defense screen, so we put out some diatomaceous earth to try to stop the presumed earwig depredations (or whatever insect it is. I guess roly-polies are an option too but I haven’t seen any). We’ll see if it works.

A collard green seedling with its new powder. Also put it around carrots, parsnips, cabbages, mustard greens, and over the newly re-seeded rows of mizuna and bok choy.