Tomatoes for Mom

All three kinds up! Once a tray is all up, I move it immediately to the stronger natural light of the plant window from its original place in the dimmer UV light on the heating pad. After a few days I’ll probably start taking them to the porch too for even stronger light.

Friday dinner of mostly garden tacos

Thursday evening, the Chef began preparing spices for meat in slow cooker. Two jalapeños, one chimayó (top).
Mmm tacos. Everything except meat, tortillas, cheese, and spices are from garden. Beans are the last of last year’s California black-eyed peas. Potatoes are this year’s kennebec white.
After dinner, Paula and I did some garden harvesting. New for the season are Alabama black-eyed butter beans.
Also new for the season are slippery silks pole beans.
While we picked, the ice cream maker machine worked hard.
Vanilla with blackberries from home. Thanks Mom for sending some home with us!

The tomatoening

UF ‘W’ hybrid tomato
Purple Cherokee tomato
The ever fruitful black vernissage tomato
Not tomatoes: Peruvian ground cherry!!!
Chimayó pepper ripening, thanks for the seeds Judy!

Afternoon and evening

Argiope spider. We call them banana spiders for the yellow but I think most people call them garden spiders.
Missouri fluttermill primrose in the rock/sedum garden continues to bloom!
Many tomatoes along with kohlrabi.
A caterpillar on cilantro. Maybe a cutworm? It looks familiar…
Uzbek golden carrots! Excited to try them… I harvested a bit early on two. Oops.
Wes made hot pot style soup. It contains chard, kohlrabi stem and leaves, green beans, sweet peppers, onions, and green onions.
A view of the spread. We have a vaccinated guest!!

Wednesday harvest and other friends

A lot of blue lake green beans.
Several tomato varieties are ripening.
UF garden gem was fine but all of the UF “W” at a similar color rotted and molded. Perhaps they don’t like the endless rain? I will watch more closely for ripening now too.
The Chef tied all the onions up for storage.
The mini bell peppers are more mini than I expected.
Corbaci peppers. I think the three little ones aren’t ready, but their plant died.
A mini bell pepper plant died too, in the same way, a rotting brown at the base.
This mushroom looks like it should be named lemon chiffon something.
Weighing the dried garlic.
Pseudothyris sp. moth resting on strawberry leaf.

Saturday pictures

The standing cypress on the left gets just a bit less sun than the towering thriving one on the right.  It’s cracking me up.
Rouge vif d’Etampes squash baby.
Greasy grits pole bean flowers.
First black vernissage tomato ripening!  I love these.  Small enough that they produce a lot, but big enough for canning.
Beetles bumble around and end up pollinating a lot of flowers.
Briar examines the potatoes growing in bags.  The big leaves are rouge vif d’Etampes squash.
Paula’s houseplant is happy.
A beetle out late at night.
Mexican Plum seedling from home is doing well and getting lots of water with our rainy spell.