07/22/2022 new and complicated tomato

We realized we should think about when green vernissage tomatoes were ripe. They are supposed to have green flesh so this has turned out rather complicated. These ones are good. The green between the dark green stripes has a hint of yellow and translucency. They taste nice and the flesh isn’t mealy.
These ones are too soft. They are darker (I don’t think the picture shows well) and have some very soft spots. I tried one and it was bland with a mealy texture.
This tomato is too soft.
These green vernissage are all ripe except the very bright pale green one that has a thumbs down on it.
Bonus: Briar examines the topped up jar of bisbee gray cowpeas.

A day off for errands

Bisbee cowpeas flowering more
I liked the contrast on this one.
“Stubby” variety of okra.
An okra flower with a little sweat bee flying by!
This is the first okra flower I’ve seen in person here since they seem to keep banker’s hours.
A little green-striped cushaw squash!
Leaf of the squash is looking a bit rough.
Found another Madhu Ras melon! This one is bigger.
Salvia greggii “Diane” purple cultivar has bloomed! Now only waiting on the orange part of rainbow garden to bloom.
Whoa. I did not realize this cushaw squash was here!
A male Sachem on a Peruvian ground cherry. There is a flower in the background so I hope it’ll start producing soon.
Two immature fruits on Amish Paste tomato.
I think this is one of my stratification butterfly milkweed that I planted directly! Very excited!
A doodlebug (also known as an ant lion) trap waiting for some little critter to walk by! I feel very good about the predators in the garden right now, keeping plant-eaters in check, as I also saw a little brown snake slither away. We had a Dekay’s Brown Snake last year so it was probably that. May it be fat and happy on earwigs!
One of the rosemary bushes is blooming!

Getting there on post-geothermal landscaping and other Wednesday news

You can see where I plan to put Peruvian ground cherries (the tomato cages) and honeyberries (white flags) on the last raised bed in the side yard. Those four plants were dug up when the geothermal HVAC was put in.
Ready to be planted! The buckwheat seeds I planted around them. I’ll take another pic in a day or two as it got too dark by the time I got done planting and watering them.
Earlier in the day I noticed the bisbee gray cowpeas are producing nicely in backyard.
One lone seedling of a Texas mallow is coming up!
A native cucurbit with a very tiny gourd. Not edible or at least not good according to various sources. But it’s an adorable vine and quite pretty when a bunch grows in one spot.

Bisbee gray cowpea

My previous California black-eyed cowpea has cream yellow flowers so I was not expecting purple.
That blue smudge is really there and the photo shows it accurately. It wasn’t apparent around 8am when I first got up so I wonder if it’s pollinated and done.